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Half Italian, half English, with a touch of Australian,
born in Perugia, but adopted by Rome, discovered Theatre
at sixteen, thanks to an actress and coach, and performed in several plays during high school.
After the diploma, she passed the exam to get into University of Rome “La Sapienza”
but she decided to leave for Australia, at eighteen, to learn and perfect her English
before starting a new life in Italia.
There, in the Down Under country, she worked and played in Queensland off stage shows,
mainly in Brisbane.
Back in Italy, she attended a stage with Amanda Sandrelli and Blas Roca Rey
and after that she curated the direction of the play “Fantasma Blu” (Blue Ghost) as assistant of Lorenzo Gioielli.
So began an artistic partnership with the director actor Lorenzo Gioielli working with him in many plays and shows, and also with Alba Rorhwacher, Rolando Ravello, Laura Lattuada and Giancarlo Zanetti, Nini Salerno, Franco Oppini, Virginia Raffaele, Siddartha Prestinari, Alberto Bognanni, Enrica Rosso, Simone Colombari and many others.
In the meantime she was admitted at the European Academy of Music and Dramatic Art with a scholarship, where she studied in Italian and English, she achieved the Diploma after three years, and she graduated at the University with a thesis on the Rhythm in theatre and acting, and an essay in English.
At the same time she continued to work in theatre with actors comic duets Lillo and Greg and in little independent productions.
Then she worked in theatre as an actress while she ended, for the moment, the director career to dedicate only to acting, after she cured the mise-en-scene of “Mille Bolle Blu” (“Thousands of Blue Bubbles”, from the famous title of Mina’s song), a musical show, at the Sala Umberto Theatre in Rome (season 2012-2013) and then in tournĂ©e, where she wrote the play with the journalist Gino Castaldo and signed the direction.
In the last year she took part in Alfonso Bergamo’s movie “Tender Eyes” entirely filmed in English,
and in many short and full-length films, spot and musical videos.
And she keeps on studying because this profession always pushes one to go further.


The first time I’ve been asked “Tell me about you” at an audition,
I looked at the director and thought about How much time I had, and what to say,
and it’s what I’m thinking about too, now.
I try to jot down something,
knowing that they are just fragments,
but also part of everything.
I always think that there is time,
and that it’s never too late,
and it’s true the moment before you decide to do something,
and in any case I always have my clocks moved half an hour forward.
I believe what you have to do or want to do you already know inside of you,
that you do it or don’t, you try to or don’t, you succeed or don’t, you admit it or hide yourself behind excuses or justifications.
I feel the life, my being alive, in myriad of moments, and I can only be grateful and a smile always fills me, one of those that lie on lips and then slide down, filling every space.
And I think light is something, sometimes everything.
And that in the dark thoughts can grow or it’s just the imagination, free to jump and create alternatives,
and that senses are a life’s way to touch us,
and memories a way to not let it go.
And there are so many lives to live,
that when you find yourself in them, even only for the time of a show or a “ciak”, it’s wonderful to understand what’s behind an action, a gesture, an emotion.
What I love about this job is to communicate, the exchange, the sharing, and giving something, a memory or relive an event, a reflection, a little change o a different point of view, and everything that can happen during a show, an image, a line, a silence;
something you bring with you. And inside of you.
This is the treasure, lightness, beauty – and life, yes – that this work contain but never confine.
And I feel like this, as I feel lucky when this happens,
when I can do it, even just for an audition,
where you test yourself, when you create, you try, and you’re never satisfied, and you know you can give more, and you can’t wait to do it, again, and again. Wherever it will be.
P.s. Of course I didn’t say all this, just answered to the director about my works ect ect, I’m not that crazy.

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